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Heather ~ Baby Vivi

Due to COVID restrictions, I didn’t end up hiring a doula until 33 weeks. Tia was recommended by a friend who is a homebirth midwife and boy am I so glad. We had a good rapport from the beginning which was essential since we wouldn’t meet in person until labor. I was induced with pitocin, but it was my goal to have an unmedicated VBAC. This was my 6th baby, but first after a cesarean. I had never used a doula before, but it made all the difference. Tia watched how I labored, how my husband supported and coached me and jumped in to help where appropriate. Counter pressure, gentle massage/stroking, and suggesting labor positions were some of the tasks she performed and let my husband focus on my emotional well being. When I struggled she helped me remember what my goals were and encouraged me. She had a rebozo and sound machine I didn’t even know I would possibly want ready to go and both were just what I needed to cope with the intensity. Tia was right there with my husband and I as we welcomed our last baby earth side at 4:26 am. I felt so strong and empowered to have conquered pitocin contractions and birth my baby my way. Tia was instrumental in that success. If you are on the fence about whether or not you need a doula- you do. Having a doula was so supportive, yet not intrusive. She was a healing, helping presence that enhanced the experience and didn’t take away from the intimacy of birth between my husband and I.  It was the perfect healing birth experience.

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