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I want to share my experience with having my placenta encapsulated and my interaction with Tia in case anyone is contemplating having it done themselves.

First's thing first, I know a lot of mamas struggle with postpartum depression/ baby blues and you’re not alone!


     For some reason I thought I was going to skip the “baby blues” this time and be fine. However just a few days after birth, it hit me along with anxiety. That’s when I felt the need to start my first capsule. I had cried multiple times for reasons I couldn’t even explain. I was skeptical if it would actually do anything to help my mental status, but I figured what would it hurt to try. From then on, I’ve been taking them religiously and I haven’t had crying episodes since. My irrational thoughts are minimal, and I feel mostly back to myself. Starting the capsules was a turning point for me. 

     Tia made the whole experience so easy. Her turnaround time was impeccable!

She had them done and back to me the next day. I enjoyed being able to sit and talk with her at drop off. She has a very welcoming personality and I felt so comfortable with her. The whole “not having to leave my home” to drop off the placenta or pick up takes a great stress off a new mamas back. The keepsakes that come along with it are so nice. They give me something I can keep for many years to come as a reminder of my pregnancy. I truly wish I had known more about placenta encapsulation prior to my first pregnancy. It’s made a world of difference for me in my pp journey.

Thank you Tia for this experience. 

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